Corte Ibérica

The history of Corte Ibérica, can not be understood detached from the Lopez Olea family.

Cattlemen Extremadura from the year 1715, found in the Dehesa the perfect landscape for the breeding of bulls, Merino sheep, and Iberian pigs; all autochthonous races. Livestock activities, and also agricultural activities, which were developed in more than six thousand hectares of Dehesa and Olivar, divided into up to six different business units.

285 years had passed since 1715 when the family decided to bet on closing the productive and commercial cycle of breeding of Iberian pigs controlling the slaughter, and its subsequent transformation into cold cuts and Iberian hams marketed low Corte Ibérica brand, establishing its headquarters in Zafra (Badajoz) and starting commercial activity at that time, was the year 2000.

After five years, in 2005, it was decided to take another step with the manufacture of a brand to third parties and delve into its own with the acquisition of a factory in Fregenal de la Sierra, which will have a regular use in the artisan elaboration of hams and sausages from this year until 2011, the year in which it was decided to move the commercialization of the Corte Ibérica brand, to a new site in Zafra, where the group's offices were already located, and to separate the commercial activity of the livestock, returning to the approach initial, to give the group more flexibility before the market changes, and the sustainability of the field and livestock.

From 2011 to 2015, Corte Ibérica begins to expand its product portfolio under the livestock and agricultural tutelage of the group, establishing quality standards in line with production and sustainability, and betting on products linked to the territory and the trajectory family.

It is at the end of this year 2015, when the López Olea family, cedes the witness of the commercialization of Corte Ibérica to Juan Carlos Fernández, a man of trust in the house, who since that year has transformed the Corte Ibérica brand into a brand of author, with a firm commitment to the product of the Dehesa, artisan, and 100% sustainable, recovering the values of livestock and agriculture for more than 3 centuries.

Nowadays Corte Ibérica is a reflection of the livestock and agricultural trajectory of the López Olea family, and of the passion of its new director for the emblematic products of La Dehesa, elaborated in a totally traditional way, and with the focus on recovery of the flavors of yesteryear.